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10 Things To Know Before You Travel To Thailand

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10 Things To Know Before You Travel To Thailand

In the 6 years I am now traveling around the world, Thailand is my most visited country. Somehow I ended up coming back to the Land of Smiles over and over and in total I visited, explored, lived and partied in this country 17 times. I have over 40 Thailand stamps in my passport and I am planning to go back again in 2018.

For those people traveling to Thailand soon, I wrote this Thailand travel blog about all the things you should know when you travel to Thailand. Everything you can imagine, from places to see, things to do, food, accommodation options, itineraries, weather, safety issues, island hopping in Thailand and many more things.

Things to know when you visit Thailand
1. Visa
What do you need to travel to Thailand? A passport that is valid for at least another 6 months upon entry into Thailand. Most Western countries get a stamp in their passports upon arrival that permits them to stay up to 30 days. May you arrive over land, until December 2016 would only get a 15-day visa, but luckily things changed. Nowadays you also get a 30-day visa if you enter Thailand over land, but be aware that you can only do two over land crossings per year.

Overstaying your visa is not recommended, but if it is only a couple days you have to pay a 500 THB ($16) fine per day. It happened to me a couple times and it takes 15 minutes extra at the airport. After you pay you get a lot of stamps in your passport and you are good to go. Be careful with this practice though.

If you want to stay longer you can apply for a 2-month tourist visa at any embassy around the world. I have done that a couple times as well so you have enough time to check out all the cool places to visit in Thailand.

Most travelers stay 2 weeks in Thailand and therefore I created 4 different itineraries to see the best tourist spots in the country. Check the link. Curious how I always find the cheapest domestic flights in Thailand? In this blog post, I show you all the 8 Thailand low-cost airlines and how to find the best tickets for traveling around Thailand.

2. Best time to visit Thailand
It is always a good idea to travel to Thailand, but what is the best time and when is the rainy season? The official rainy season is from July till end of October. It does not mean these months are a no-go. I have been in Thailand in almost every month and yes there are some heavy rain showers in the rainy season, but they are not too long. If you want the best Instagram pictures of Thailand then it is advisable to come between December and April.

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3. Weather in Thailand
It does not get extremely hot in Thailand and on the islands there is always a breeze or the ocean to cool you off. Who does not love a tropical climate? The pleasant climate is for most people one of the main reasons to travel to Thailand and even when it rains there are a lot of cool things to do. Rain can come unexpectedly even in the dry season, therefore just always carry light rain jackets in your backpack.

4. Currency in Thailand
In Thailand they use the Thai Baht and 1 US dollar is about 30 Thai Baht. Obviously the currency exchange changes over time, but in general the Thai Baht is pretty stable. In 2009 I got 48 Baht for my Euro but the last years it is pretty stable around 38-40 THB. Can you use dollar in Thailand? It is recommended not to use US dollars when you travel to Thailand, always have local currency on you. There are ATMs everywhere and basically everywhere you can change your dollars into Thai Baht.

How to get around Thailand

Worth of mouth brought me to the transportation search engine website of 12Go Asia and it was a blessing for traveling around Thailand! Their search engine shows you all the available options on any given route. So if you want to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai you simply type it into the search engine and they give you all the options available, so bus tickets, train tickets and even flight tickets. You will find timetables, prices, trip duration, different companies and everything else you need to know. Try it below!

Asian Public Transportation

March, 24

Find Tickets

Powered by 12Go Asia system

One of the best things about booking your bus, boat and train tickets online is that it saves you the hassle of dealing with street vendors and paper tickets. Simply search it, book it and show up. Easy and reliable I used it million times and never had a problem.

5. Things to bring when visiting Thailand
If you are planning to go to backpacking in Thailand you basically don’t need much. Definitely put sunscreen, flipflops, beach wear and bug spray on your Thailand packing list. Click on the link to see all the 40 items I recommend you to bring. Later I will also talk about shopping and then you will find out that everything you forget you can buy in Thailand. Shopping is a reason to travel to Thailand for many people.

6. Travel adapter for Thailand
Thailand was one of the first countries where I found the all-you-can-eat electric sockets. All upscale places have sockets where you can plug almost all electric devices from Australia, Europe, UK and US. Just in case I always travel with
7. Vaccinations for Thailand
You are asking the wrong guy. In all my trips to Thailand I have never taken any special vaccinations. When you go on a Thailand vacation make sure you have vaccinations for the standard childhood diseases like Tetanus, Diphtheria and Measles. I am also got shots against Hepatitis A+B, but not specially for Thailand. Afraid for Malaria in Thailand? There is no need to as the risk of getting malaria in Thailand is very low even off the beaten track in Thailand there is hardly any risk. The exact same thing counts for yellow fever.

8. Is it safe to travel to Thailand
Thailand is very safe for tourists! Every country has its problems and many people don’t even know that the army officially is in power, but as a tourist there are hardly any dangers. With millions of people a year traveling to Thailand the country knows that safety is an important issue and they are doing there utmost best to maintain this safe environment for tourists. No need to hide the ugly truth either about the Koh Tao Murders that happened only a couple hundred meters away from where I was celebrating my birthday that night. But genuinely in all my 17 times I have been on a trip to Thailand I did not have a single problem. Read my full article about how safe it is to travel to Thailand and let me explain the risks, dangers and scams and how to avoid them.

Be a guest in their country, respect their values and don’t act like an ignorant tourist!

What to know about the culture when you visit Thailand
Despite all these amazing things to see and do, the Thai culture should also be one of the reasons you want to travel to Thailand. The combination of the Thai lifestyle, the food, the Buddhism, the people, the magical islands and the inspiring temples make it why they call this the country of Smiles. The capital is a melt pot of cultures, which makes it that there are some amazing places to see in Bangkok.

9. Country of Smiles
Thailand’s nickname says enough! This country is all about its smiles and it is one of the pillars of The Thailand tourism industry. On the banana pancake trail, the most popular island hopping route in Thailand, you will find some fierce Thai people dealing with annoying tourists every day and yes they are grumpy. But this does not mean you can generalize a whole country. Thailand is among the friendliest nations around the world and they are always willing to help out a stranger.

10. Late King is God
The King of Thailand was the longest reigning king in the world, but unfortunately died in October 2016. The Thai King was and still is like a God for Thai people, so never mention anything negative about him. After he died the country mourned for 1 year!