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Painter vs Photoshop

First, let me apologize if this is in the wrong forum, and also if this question is redundant. I've done a search, but perhaps my keywords just arent right because it doesnt seem to be getting me anywhere.
I am looking for some comparisons of Photoshop and Painter.​
After having a Wacom on my wishlist for years and years, I've finally broken down and bought one.​
I do have photoshopCS2.. but could get painter if it is superior. I've been using photoshop professionally for over 10 years, but never for traditional arts.​
I'd really like to use a software that has a more natural feel to it... as well as a natural look to finished pieces. I've been boggling for years at your art here, and know you all use both.. but I'm unsure what is standard, and what needs plugins to achieve etc.... (brushstrokes, mediums, etc)​
I know the answer to this question is probably a matter of personal preference, but I am hoping my details above might help with those of you who can identify with them.​
Thanks for any advice!
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